Permanent and toxin-free

inhibition is here 

Electroclear is redefining the approach to biofouling management 



Electroclear implements electric fields to protect customers’ submerged surfaces from bio-fouling growth.  Encapsulated electrodes are installed on the target surface connected to a nearby power supply for implementing the specific fields.

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Electroclear's technology uses electricity to inhibit small organisms. There is no minimum lifetime. 

permanent solution

Electroclear’s system does not use toxins to inhibit.



Electroclear’s technology does not affect growth except on the surface of interest.   

targeted inhibition

targeted inhibition

Electroclear’s technology can be implemented on a range of infrastructure. 

complex geometries

development partners 

Partnering with industry is crucial to the development of new technologies. Electroclear is seeking development partners who have more infrastructure (such as piles, pontoons, wharfs) needing protection from biofouling. If you wish to join Electroclear's network and help us bring the technology to the commercial world, please fill  out the contact form below. 



KiwiNet Research Commercialisation Awards 2019
Momentum Student Entrepreneur Finalists -
Christopher Walker 
University of Auckland
Electroclear - ' removing underwater biofouling for marinas, boaties and aqua farmers'